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IDE Settings

Nau supports Apollo Config and GraphQL Config. We are testing works with VS Code extensions Apollo GraphQL Extension and GraphQL Extension.

@kazekyo/nau-config provides directives knowledge to your IDE.


npm install --save-dev @kazekyo/nau-config

Apollo Config

const { apolloConfig } = require('@kazekyo/nau-config');
const config = apolloConfig.generateConfig();
module.exports = {
client: {
service: {
name: 'example-app',
url: 'http://localhost:4000/graphql',

See here for how to set up apollo.config.js.

GraphQL Config

const { graphqlConfig } = require('@kazekyo/nau-config');
module.exports = {
schema: ['http://localhost:4000/graphql', graphqlConfig.clientSchemaPath],
documents: 'src/**/*.{graphql,js,ts,jsx,tsx}',

See here for how to set up graphql.config.js.