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You should be familiar with React, Apollo Client, and GraphQL Code Generator as a prerequisite. If you have never used them, you will need to read their documentation first.

Configration for Nau

First, add @kazekyo/nau-graphql-codegen-preset to your codegen.yml.

schema: http://localhost:4000/graphql
# Do not use the root document. For example, do not write `documents: src/**/*.graphql` this line.
preset: '@kazekyo/nau-graphql-codegen-preset'
generateTypeScriptCode: true
- src/**/*.tsx
- src/**/*.graphql
- typescript
- typescript-operations
- typed-document-node
- fragment-matcher

As above, you will need to add this preset to processes that read documents and use it. In most cases, that means you add the preset to processes of generating files that output TypeScript code.


We recommend not using root documents. It means that you should not write the following:

schema: http://localhost:4000/graphql
- src/**/*.tsx
- src/**/*.graphql
# ...

Using root documents requires using the preset in all file generation process to parse directives provided by Nau.

Run GraphQL Code Generator.

yarn graphql-codegen

And Configure your cache settings for Apollo Client. Import and use withCacheUpdater from the generated file, and also use some functions of @kazekyo/nau.

import { ApolloClient, ApolloProvider, from, HttpLink, InMemoryCache, split } from '@apollo/client';
import { WebSocketLink } from '@apollo/client/link/ws';
import { createCacheUpdaterLink, isSubscriptionOperation } from '@kazekyo/nau';
import { withCacheUpdater } from './generated/graphql';
import introspectionResult from './generated/introspection-result.json';

const wsLink = new WebSocketLink({
uri: 'ws://localhost:4000/subscriptions',
options: {
reconnect: true,
const httpLink = new HttpLink({ uri: 'http://localhost:4000/graphql' });
const cacheUpdaterLink = createCacheUpdaterLink();

const splitLink = split(
({ query }) => isSubscriptionOperation(query),
from([cacheUpdaterLink, wsLink]),
from([cacheUpdaterLink, httpLink]),

const client = new ApolloClient({
cache: new InMemoryCache({
addTypename: true, // Do not set false
possibleTypes: introspectionResult.possibleTypes,
typePolicies: withCacheUpdater({}),
link: splitLink,

That's it for the configuration! If you want to set up your IDE, see also here.